Posted on Mar 10, 2018

Arja Farms

This is our 4th Sunday of store operation and we have loved our experience in providing you farm-fresh organic produce. We believe even you have enjoyed the experience of eating organic vegetables knowing where they come from.

Being a permaculturist ( Permanent agriculturist, also know as forest farming), we believe in understanding where the root lay. So, we want to share our story from where (a subsidy of Arja Farms) have started,

We are one of those families who never cared about what we eat and from where our food comes from.We were always looking for more accessible supermarkets where we can get our vegetables. But after travelling 11 states in India and abroad, we realised the importance of understanding where our food comes from. Today, many farmers in India are stuck in the maze of big pesticide selling corporates and lack the awareness about how these pesticides affect our kids.

Being part of the permaculture community,
Today we take the responsibility,
in helping you build your next generations healthy!
in bringing awareness among the Rayalaseema-farmers,
in providing pesticide-free vegetables,
for protecting our nature!

For better tomorrow!
Trust is what we produce 🌱
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